About Us


BREAK-A-WAY has been actively present in Europe since June 2009 and we have become their distributor in March 2010.

I shall try to present our experience at the end of last season and also the experience that our friends who used BREAK-A-WAS products had throughout the whole last season, which was, I have to say, impressive.

First of all let us introduce ourselves and our friend, the producer of this equipment.

Luka Vučinić – I spent most of my life skiing, since leather bindings were used through training  with Ante Kostelić still as active racer. Today I am active in skiing as a participant in ‘’Masters’’ series World cup races as a racer as well as in other races in Slovenia, Austria and Croatia. In ski sport I am also active as a judge, technical delegate, chief of race and other functions in Croatian ski association.

Ivan Vučinić– I spent almost all my life on skis and have been in active training since I was a small kid. In children category I won Croatian championship several times. Later I was a member of Croatian ski team and have participated in FIS races. After I stopped with active racing I worked as a coach of junior racing team of Zagreb and later as a coach of children’s national team. Since quitting the active coaching carrier I have been active in Croatian Ski Association in organizing CROSKI cup children races and have been active in organizing all SNOW QUEEN TROPHY races.

When we decided to become distributors of BAW in March 2010 the skiing season was already at its end. We have decided to take poles and other equipment and invited the clubs to freely take the poles for testing and then bring the decision. All of them who tested the poles were satisfied. As we have recommended 38mm bore, we also lent the drill. Drill has two shanks which proved to be excellent especially on glaciers as it enters the ice more easily. Drill bits have also performed excellently with all the poles in ice conditions (not only for Fratherbase) and a great interest was formed. Up to now, not even one pole has been broken during testing.

BAW poles are used on big races throughout the world. They are also used on FIS races and also in EC races. For many years they have been used in Beaver Creek for World Cup races and were also use at the World Championship and at finals in Vail. BAW poles were also used during Olympic games in Nagano in 1988.

BAW poles were made in USA according to special procedure to make them tougher than competition. They are made of unique polycarbonate blend which gives the material durability, flexibility and good performance even in very cold conditions. Their walls are also 0.5 mm thicker than the poles from other producers.  In comparison to other producers, some of them have poorer quality of pole while the others who might have similar quality are considerably more expensive. Certain producers have similar bases with bristles, however there is a big difference in base and bristle. Bases of other producers rotate during training and most of the time the pole leans and also pulling it out is sometimes difficult due to bristle shape. Other producers do not offer guarantee for their products or they offer shorter warranty period and it is almost impossible to make reclamation. Some other producers go on the market with very low prices for poles for children (i.e. 25 mm poles) that are made of different material that can not be compared with BAW.

People are concerned that BAW shaft (which is made of rubber and not metal) is not good enough as all other producers offer metal shafts. The proof of quality of rubber shaft lies in its two year warranty!!!!! And rubber shaft make poles 10% lighter than the poles with metal shaft.

BAW is within acceptable price range, its durability is high which is supported by good guaranty.

We had very good experience while working with BAW poles. As we were both active skiers since we were only kids we understand the issues coaches and racers are dealing with and we are convinced that more and more BAW poles are going to enter the market. This product is excellent, it is not perfect but is surely better than competition.

We are also hoping to enter the market with nets and fences as safety on the slopes is a priority.