Many buyers have tested featherbase made by competition and none of them was pleased with their performance, especially in the soft snow where the poles do not remain in vertical position. That is why many people are skeptical when they hear FEATHERBASE (base with bristle). However, the tests proved that the most convincing way of showing FEATHERBASE advantages is through a simple test on the course where they can be compared to standard poles with screw base.

We recommend the use of 38 mm drill bits during test or otherwise you might experience some problems while pulling poles out of snow. Also if you use too small drill bit you might experience certain problems in placing the poles if hole is too narrow.

All the buyers were very pleased with the performance.

Beside USA, these poles are getting more and more popular also in Europe, starting from Scandinavia where they have already swept competition and also in other European countries they are finding their way successfully.

Experience from the colleges from Scandinavia: During Swedish Junior National Championship there were two race courses and on warm-up course, all set with BAW FEATHERBASE poles. Weather was sunny with -10°C and during the day the temperature went up to -3°C. Snow was pretty soft and far from perfect for setting the course. As it turned out this was one of the best races in which we have participated. All the racers from Sweden and all ski academies from Sweden were there. They were all very impressed with the performance of FEATHERBASE poles. Many of the present were those who had tested featerbase produced by competition and have returned to screw base, however, after this race they have realized the quality and the difference. Many coaches were present during the course setting and observed how simple it was to handle those poles. During the whole week in all the disciplines (downhill, super giant slalom, giant slalom and slalom) not even one shaft or pole broke. Three featherbases were slightly damaged and that was all that was damaged during the whole week! The result of the whole week was that 5 ski academies and two clubs took the poles for testing and later made orders. Coach of the junior team was very disappointed that he couldn’t get BAW FEATHERBASE for his team as they had competitions for sponsors.

Our colleagues from Norway had interesting experience. NTG ski academy from Gailo, as the organizer of many FIS races two years ago, had 800 broken poles of other pole producer and has decided to try BAW. On the first race of last season they used again the old poles produced by other producer and the first forerunner broke or pulled out 15 pieces, the second forerunner 10 pieces and racer no. 3 again 10 pieces. The race was stopped and all the poles on the course were replaced with BAW poles (which were scheduled only for the second run). By the end of the race additional 3 poles were broken!!!! On the next race BAW screw base poles were used and around ten poles were pulled out during the first run. BAW FEATHERBASE poles were used in the second run and only two poles were pulled out during the whole second run.

FEATHERBASE base performed great in slalom but in giant slalom it is irreplaceable. Several clubs have used 35 mm drill bits and had some difficulties in pulling the poles out of snow, however 38 mm drill bits proved to be much easier to work with.

Another great thing is that you can install flex, shaft, base or any other part of BAW pole on your old poles with appropriate adapters.