Gate panels and bibs

Bibs for alpine race, snowboard and SkiX.

All with a big variety of print options. Men's alpine race bibs printed in small numbers to fit the size of kids ski school groups, have lately become very popular. The phenomenal stretch makes them easy to fit. And fantasy is the limitation for how radical the design may look.

BXR93/94/95 Alpine Race Bibs

Alpine race bibs produced of extremely elastic 4-way stretch fabric. They are available in three standard sizes. Mens and ladies according to FIS guidelines, and a smaller kids size bib.

BXR105 SkiX Bib

SkiX bib made in a non-elastic fabric, with elastic side straps. The bibs can be digitally or screen printed. Edge band available in a number of colors.

BXR108 Snowboard Bib

Snowboard bib is made of very elastic Lycra fabric, and can be screen printed or digitally printed.

Race Bibs - Print

Our bibs are offered at a base price. White, with only digits included. The final bib price will depend on quantity, if digitally or screen printed, and how complex the print is.

In case of smaller quantities, especially if they also include lots of colors or small details, digitally printing is the prefered method. The cost for digital prints is not affected by number of colors in the print, but by the size of printed area. Also, print cost remain the same, no matter of size of order.
Screen printing is the preferred method for relatively simple designs using few colors. Since the cost will decrease with quantity, this is the prefered metod when printing larger orders over 200 pieces in same design.
Screen printed orders including lots of colors will end up costing more. Every color adds to the cost. In special cases we can even combine digital and screen printing. Majority could be screen printed, while some smaller logo with lots of details, including many colors, can be digitally printed.

Gate Panels

All our gate panels are made of extremely durable mesh fabric. Available in standard FIS approved colors red and blue, as well as the non-FIS approved colors green, white, black and orange. Andfluorocent yellow, orange and pink.

BXR96 GS FIS Panel

New GS panel, size 75 x 50cm. With Bunji ball gate attachement. Approved for FIS-competition


Size 75 x 120cm. With Bunji ball gate attachement. Approved for FISWC DH competition


Size 75 x 70cm. With Bunji ball gate attachement.

BXR99 GS FIS Panel

Our most popular gate panel, size 75 x 50cm. Approved for FIS-competition. Attaches to gate with elastic loops inside of tunnel.

BXR100 Snowboard SL Panel

110cm wide and constructed according to FIS guidelines. With Bunji ball gate attachement.

BXR101 Snowboard GS Panel

135cm wide and constructed according to FIS guidelines. With Bunji ball gate attachement.

Gate Panels - Printing

We offer screen printing on one side of gate panel. Usually one-color prints. In some cases two-color prints can be made (increases cost). Note that small details should be avoided, since the print is made on a very rough mesh.