Slalom poles, gates and accessories


Snowboard Stubbie

Our 32mm diameter by 30.5cm length polyure-thane pole is flexible and forgiving to the aggressive rider.  Our snowboard stubbie does not need a flex mechanism: the shaft itself flexes at snow surface, saving you considerable money.  Lightweight and easy to carry and set.  Best of all, the RRS stubbies  do not bite back like the large heavy hollow tube varieties.  All stubbies are built with a protective plastic  collar at the base of the shaft that indicates correct gate setting depth in the piste. Available in red or blue.

Item # 44319

Slalom Stubbie

60cm soft and flexible polyurethane shafts are a great alternative for  slalom training and kids races.  All stubbies are built with a protective plastic collar at the base of the shaft that indicates correct gate setting depth in the piste.  Available in red or blue.

Item # 44041

Brush Gates

The extra 13cm length allows the Brush Gate to be used as a turning marker that gives more feel to the gate than with smaller domes and markers.  A valuable transition tool when used in conjunction with the Brush Markers to facilitate learning proper turn shape without the distraction of hard impact.  Ideal choice for carving skill parks.  35.5cm Brush Top with 15cm base.  Available in fluorescent red or blue.

Item # 44315

Brush Markers

Brush Markers are the best way to teach line on training courses since they do not affect the ski when you run them over.  They stay in and last a long time!  Use brush markers to identify the rise line above the gate, or as a control marker below the gate to force early turn shape.  Perfect for ski schools and introductory race programs to teach turn on demand skills.  23cm brush top with 15cm threaded base.  Available in pink and green.

Item #44084

Launch Pad Start Blocks

Our exclusive patented design made from molded natural rubber for optimum durability.  Each Launch Pad features a ribbed surface that provides the racer with a variety of locations to plant his/her ski poles in the starting gate.  Eliminate ski basket hole syndrome which can cause the racer to lose grip on the ski poles while pushing off.  

Item # 4169

RRS Double Pointed Carbide Tip Bits

Rugged 46cm drill bits cut directly into the piste without skirting.  Open flute design pulls snow out with minimum drain on your drills battery.  3 sided shank delivers positive drive with drill chuck.  Two shanks are provided (use with any 1/2 or 3/8 drill). Use 32mm (Item # 41672) for screwbases (in softer conditions) and stick-in bases,
35mm (Item # 41800) for screwbases (in hard conditions) and B-net poles and 
38mm (Item # 41673) for Featherbase"

Aluminum Gate Key

Die-Cast Aluminum gate key with baked enamel finish is extremely lightweight (1200gr), durable and easy to work with. Specially designed and produced for the Nagano Alpine Committee, now available to coaches and race departments everywhere.  Longer 51cm shaft is easier on your back.  Color is black.

Item # 41694


Radio Chest Pack with Cell Phone Holde

Quality construction with the added convenience of a built in holder for your cell phone.  Zip pocket holds tools, pens and note pads.  Black only.  

Item # 442899

Tall Pole Bag

Made with 1680D nylon with PVC backing.  The bottom is double reinforced ballistic nylon with a PE Board insert and drain hole.  Designed to carry 20 screwbase poles.  A top buckle and strap easily secure poles for safe transport.

Item # 44225

Knotless B-Net

5mm cordage with 50mm mesh opening is significantly lighter weight than traditional knotted nets, yet exhibits excellent tensile strength as necessary for B-netting.  2m x 20m sections available in red.  UV stabilized polyethylene ensures a long lasting product that will make life easier on your race crews.  All nets are selvedged throughout the perimeter for added strength and functionality. Bundling straps included.

Item # 44267

Standard B-Net Pole

35mm diameter pole is 251cm long and includes 2 interchangeable tips. Red only.

Item # 44338

Thermo Formed Plastic-Wire Clips

No hardware needed.  Easy to adjust spring like mechanism tightens to pole under load.

Item # 42117

Break-A-Way 31

Required for World Cup and Olympic Competition, and recommended for Continental Cup racing.  The impact modified shaft material is designed to withstand the toughest demands at the highest level of sport.  A proven product that carries full FIS homologation. Available in red and blue.  

Item # 44076

36cm Screwbase

Item # 44077

25cm Screwbase

Item # 44083

Static Stick-In Pole

Item # 42689


Item # 42123

Flexing Stick -In Pole

Break-A-Way® Snowboard Static Pole

32mm diamter x 160cm long polycarbonate pole developed specifically for the outside of a triangular panel.  Use with 30.5cm Snowboard Stubbie to make the perfect system for PGS, PSL, Ski and Boarder Cross events. Available in red and blue.

Item # 42639

Snowboard Static Pole

Break-A-Way 27

The most widely used gate for all but the highest level FIS races.  27mm gates have become the choice for most junior, senior, masters and high school racing and training programs.  They are also highly recommended for all levels of recreational racing.  27mm gates are even preferred by many top level collegiate circuits.  A lightweight 240 gram per meter shaft is forgiving on impact, but not too whippy.  FIS homologated. Available in red and blue.

Item # 43038

25cm Screwbase

Item # 43031

36cm Screwbase

Item # 42690


Item # 42122

Flexing Stick-In Pole

Item # 44052

Static Stick-In Pole

Break-A-Way 25

The progression for young athletes from brush markers to tall gates can be a difficult one.  This is a scaled down slalom pole intended for training and racing for 8-12 year olds.  The Break-A-Way® 25 features a lightweight and flexible 25mm shaft thats only 160cm tall and a softer flex.  Even though these poles have a much softer feel, kids training and racing on them should always wear the proper protective gear.  Due to the height limitation of this pole, we suggest caution for skiers over 173cm.  Available in red and blue.

Item # 44371

25cm Screwbase

Item # 44272

36cm Screwbase

Item # 42124

Flexing Stick-In Pole

Item # 42116

Static Stick-In Pole

Item # 42687


27mm Break-A-Way® Shafts with Flex Adapter Fully assembled 27mm shaft designed to fit directly onto a flex mechanism.  Use as a re- placement shaft when converting 31mm poles to 27mm for most popular brands.  Available  in red and blue.  
Item # 44379
27mm Break-A-Way® Shafts without Adapter Use as a replacement shaft where the shaft adapter is already attached to the flex  mechanism.  Available in red and blue.
Item # 44380
31mm Break-A-Way® Shafts Complete shafts include top cap.  Available in red and blue.
Item # 44080
25mm Break-A-Way® Shafts with Flex Adapter 160cm. Available in red or blue.  Item # 44378 25mm Break-A-Way® Shafts without Flex Adapter (Not Shown) 152cm. Available in red or blue.  
Item # 42651
Break-A-Way® Screw Bases Injection molded with a specially formulated compound for cold-temperature resiliency.   Only Break-A-Way® uses two sets of notches to accept the gate key- an added bonus on  the hill. 25mm inside diameter accepts flexes from most other brands of flex cartridges.   Available in 36cm (Item # 41782IM) and 25cm (Item # 41783IM) lengths.
Break-A-Way® Flex Cartridge  FIS homologated for use with both 27mm and 31mm shafts.  25mm diameter bushings fit in  most brands of bases and shafts.  Interlocking rings flex with equal spacing to keep edges  away from the polyurethane tendon for a long lasting component. Rounded knuckles offer  a more forgiving impact to the skier and last much longer.  Exclusive flat center rings absorb  shock.  
Item # 42170XF
J4 Flex Cartridge Toned down, flexible cartridge for a more forgiving feel for younger and entry level skiers.   For use with Break-A-Way® 25.
Item # 42170J4
Break-A-Way® 31cm Stick-in Base For use with all size static and Break-A-Way stick-in gates.  
Item # 41510BPO Extras


Top cap- specify
27mm (Item # 43030X)
31mm (Item # 44205X)
or 25mm (Item # 44293)
27mm shaft-to-flex adapter
Item # 43044IM
Polyurethane pole stopper
Item # 41593
Protective Sheath. Red or Blue
Item # 44354