Ski Area Collection

Our ski area collection introduced last season, has now settled in to its real form.

The introduction of this collection has powered Beyond-X relationships with SLAO (Swedish ski area association), ALF (Norwegian ski area association), and NSA (Norwegian ski instructor academy).

Beyond-X has in the past primarily been known as a alpine ski club supplier. Since many ski areas despite this did choose to work in our garments, fueled the idea of a complete collection with
very practical garments based on Scandinavian ski areas specific needs.

Lead words have been great function, durability, re-order ability, flexibility, and timeless designs.

This enables a ski area or ski school to make use of their great looking uniforms for at least 3-4 seasons. The three season re-order ability makes it possible to keep the
uniform complete, despite needs for additional workers, lost or damaged garments.

Over a few years these garments will become a great value that will be hard to beat with any other brand.